Code: Known Facts on your website for free

Why adding the Known Facts on your website or blog?

We offer free new facts. We daily upload other and other facts that will appear on your website or blog. All this content that changes all the time is valuable to the look and feel of your blog or website. By adding this code on your website or blog, you'll be able to offer dynamic content that changes daily and therefore the site could become more attractive to the visitors.

These daily-changing facts can be interesting and amusing for everyone, offering your visitors one more reason to return.


You can modify the width and the height of the section in which the information should be displayed, and also the number of facts to be displayed. If you don't modify anything, the code is set to display on your website or blog 2 facts in a rectangle of 300 pixels (px) width and 500 pixels (px) height. If you modify, after you choose the proper width, height and number of facts, click the button: "Modify code". The code to add on your site, modified, will be displayed again below.

Change parameters:

Copy the code below into your site:

This is how it looks on your website: